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I am beyond proud of our Tigers for their response to COVID-19. The last several weeks have been heartbreaking and challenging for all, but I am reminded that FHSU is more than a university – we are a family, leaning on and learning from one another. Our students have demonstrated resilience and compassion through it all.

In unprecedented times, we know that more students will be in need of a helping hand.
The pandemic we are facing has taken a toll on all FHSU students, however some have more access to resources than others.

We need your help! Our Student Emergency Assistance Fund provides financial support to current Fort Hays State University students who are in high-need situations. These are students who would otherwise have to drop out of school due to severe financial strain.

Your gift could provide medical copays, essential medications or counseling services. Your gift could provide Internet access that is needed for a student to complete their studies. Your gift could provide other necessities for a student who has nowhere else to turn.

Please consider making a gift in support of this fund, and thank you in advance for your generosity.

Dr. Tisa Mason
Fort Hays State University

*Checks may be mailed to:
FHSU Foundation
P.O. Box 1060
Hays, KS 67601

NOTE: Please write "Student Emergency Assistance Fund" on the memo line.

Our goal is to purchase 21 Oculus Go Virtual Reality headsets and cases so we can teach our students cutting-edge data analysis techniques and better prepare them for the evolving job market. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide a wide range of effective methods for describing, managing, and problem solving using spatial data. Some areas of application include environmental studies, economic development, community management, and disaster response and management. Over time, GIS has grown to include innovative uses of the Internet, mobile devices, and drones, expanding access, public services, and public benefits. Most recently, virtual reality technology has integrated with GIS to provide new ways to interface with GIS data. Users can now immerse themselves into the data and engage in exciting new ways to find answers and share spatial data. Equally exciting are the new jobs that are emerging for students who are competent in the use of VR and GIS.

The Fort Hays Honor Society is FHSU’s most academically elite student honors organization. Their mission is to provide support, opportunity, and recognition for accomplished students.

An event that FHSU’s Honor Society students look forward to is their annual Etiquette Banquet where members are instructed on the difference between “manners” and “etiquette”. Honor Society students can carry this experience with them to dinner job interviews, meetings with colleagues, and a variety of other professional events.

While the Etiquette Banquet presenter has generously donated her time, the event costs the Honor Society approximately $1,200 each year. Your gift would go toward the cost of the meal, and would allow this professional development experience to live on for those Honor Society students interested. Thank you in advance for supporting some of Fort Hays State’s most high-achieving students!

Dear friends, family and fans of FHSU Women’s Soccer,

It is once again my honor to lead the fantastic group of student-athletes you know as your FHSU Women’s Soccer team! We have high expectations going into this season after last year’s 3rd place finish in the MIAA. On top of returning nearly our entire roster from last year’s semifinal team, we have a great recruiting class coming in.

As we look to elevate our program, we feel confident that integrating audio/visual equipment into our locker room will make a huge difference in the way we can study film before practice and games. Currently, we utilize an on-campus classroom to watch film and then commute to the soccer stadium to practice. The opportunity to view film in our own locker room would not only be a more efficient use of our time, but would help the team better retain coaches’ instructions. Additionally, it would mean we could study our play during halftime of games.

This is such a tremendous program at Fort Hays State University and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I hope you will support us as we push for even greater heights in the future.

Blake Reynolds
Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Fort Hays State University